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宫如敏全套bt下载地址剧情介绍:  Susan Seidelman directed this made-for-cable comedy-drama about a few days in the lives of a group of "working girls" in Reno, Nevada. ";The Ranch" is a legally operated brothel that operates the careful watch of state health inspectors (who insist on weekly medical checkups) and the semi-benevolent leadership of Mary (Amy Madigan), the manager. While the women on staff don't have to dodge the law like their comrades elsewhere, that doesn't mean they don't have their problems, as moms juggle parenthood with the world's oldest profession, some of the prostitutes struggle to keep their work a secret from their boyfriends, and others try to escape the mistakes of the past that brought them to Nevada. Originally created as a pilot for a possible cable series, The Ranch was released in R-rated and "uncut" editions; the supporting cast includes Samantha Ferris, Jessica Collins, Paige Moss and Nicki Micheaux.


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